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Leading the way

In 2016, British astronaut Tim Peake returned from a six-month mission to the International Space Station – one of the most challenging environments to live and work in.

Dealing with extreme isolation, the ever-present threat of space debris, fire or medical emergency and the rigours of a spacewalk demand exceptional qualities such as leadership, communication and the ability to work remotely as an effective team.



Tim’s training as an Army officer, test pilot and astronaut has given him a unique insight into achieving mission success whilst dealing with risk and uncertainty.

Tim has delighted audiences with his fascinating stories of life in space, breath-taking photographs and unique viewpoint of planet Earth.

With warmth and humour, Tim delivers not only a recipe for how to thrive in space – but a perspective that can change your entire outlook on life.

An inspirational evening. Tim captivated the audience with his fascinating insight into the rigours, challenges and wonder of space exploration.

Tim Höttges, Chief Executive, Deutsche Telekom AG

It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable marketing activities I’ve ever done in my career. Tim is an incredible professional to work with. Feedback in the industry has been amazing!

Mike East, Menlo Security

Inspirational and impactful, captivating a very knowledgeable and experienced aviation audience with powerful lessons of leadership, dealing with uncertainty and change, and the impact of future technology.

Richard Moriarty, Chief Executive of the CAA

Tim's inspirational evening exceeded our wildest expectations. Tim captivated an audience of all ages with thrilling tales of space and fascinating science lessons. And his touching answer to a young boy who dreamed of being an astronaut moved the audience to tears.

Ben Brusey, Publishing Director, Penguin Random House
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